The Planet Edit

The planet Wyrda is the second of four planets orbiting the star Celonaris. Its orbit is in the habitable range, and is the closest orbit to a perfect circle in the system. There are two landmasses, one on the western hemisphere, and one on the eastern hemisphere. There is a northern icecap - however, the climate is too warm further south for an icecap to develop permanently.

Statistics Edit

name Wyrda
diameter (km) 4079.8657
mass (earths) 0.85
distance from Celonaris (km) 207617199.8549
number of landmasses 2
highest elevation (above sea level, m) 5713.7808
lowest elevation (m) -7261.0367
inhabited? yes
max surface temperature (C) 59.7056
min surface temperature (C) -80.0833
max water temp (C) 33.3333
min water temp (C) -17.7778
atmopheric pressure (atmospheres (earth)) .87
orbital time (earth days) 852.1644
day (hours) 36

Peoples Edit

The number of peoples on the planet fluctuates over the course of its history, which is split up by particularly tumultuous if not violent events into four ages - the Age of the Ancients, the Middle Age, the Modern Age, and the Technology Age. However there are a total of 7 races that live or have lived on Wyrda:



-Aramani (elves)





Details on each of the races will be posted as it becomes available.

Climates Edit

There are several different climates found on Wyrda:



-Coniferous Forest (Taiga)

-Deciduous Forest (Temperate)




Each climate has its own temperatures, precipitation amounts, flora, and fauna unique to each climate. More information will be provided as it becomes available.

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