the Age of the Ancients, also known as the First Age, is the first of four ages in Wyrdian history. It began with the dawn of the first civilizations - the Werefolk on the continent of Evenstar, and the Three Races on the continent of Abreston. The Three Races were split up into various tribes - 7 tribes of the Lupanistani, 9 tribes of the Felucistani, and 12 tribes of the Pershmgen. They fought amonst themselves and governed themselves, until about 143 years prior to the end of the First Age, when the tribes of each of the races united and a massive war for dominance over the continent was waged. The dragons, which had lived among the Three Races and coexisted peacefully intervened after many bloody years and forged a peace, uniting the entire continent together with an agreement where a select number of dragons and select number of candidates from the three races partnered to become keepers of the peace 136 years prior to the end of the First Age.

Meanwhile on Evenstar, the Werefolk's civilization was blossoming. Peace and happiness was rampant through their race, which was the race with the closest ties to the skeins of Wyrda's magical energy. However, as the centuries went on, there were people born to the werefolk that did not have that connection to magic who grew in number and became distrustful and afraid and hateful of the Werefolk. These people, originally called Haaman, called themselves humans and banded together to attack the werefolk. After a war of nearly fifty years, the humans were victorious and slaughtered every last of the werefolk, and thus, the First Age came to an end.

Stories from the First Age Edit

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